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Arnold Clark Sucks



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Excellent site ! Wish I'd known of it two years ago when I bought a used Ford Galaxy from AC Aberdeen.
Further to paintwork and internal cosmetic unfulfilled 'promises' after 5 weeks (yes, just beyond the 30 days)
the exhaust almost shears in two due to rust - this should never have passed an MOT! Begs the question†- †what† safety items get ignored? Serious complaining is met with we've got your money, tough shit, now piss off!† Tenacity only eventually got a sleeve joint /patch up job. I won't be back - EVER!† Be warned. 23.5.2003

I bought a second-hand Citroen Saxo from the Tollcross (Edinburgh) branch a
couple of years ago.
The salesman convinced me to take out a 2-year Autocare policy(£400) which
funnily enough didn't cover any repairs at all.
I asked to cash in the second year of the policy but they wouldn't let me.
When I took my car in for its MOT , I picked up the car after hours. When I
got home I noticed that I'd been charged for 2 new tyres.
The funny thing was there wasn't 2 new tyres on the car.
When I went back to Arnold Clark the following day it was implied that I'd
replaced the new tyres with old ones, so I told them where to go and vowed
never to use them again.
I agree with the word-of-mouth thing. In my office loads of people have
nightmare stories about Arnold Clarke, and I figure if because of me then 6
people decide not to use Arnold Clark , its a job well done. 24.5.2003

How kind of Daewoo Arnold Clark in Glasgow to move their premises overnight and
tell nobody of their doing. Was this an attempt to hide with shame??????
"Daewoo's can be relied on regardless of their cheap image". This may be true,
but Arnold Clark can't be trusted and leave families in tears!!! 24.5.2003

I bought a Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec from Arnold in East Kilbride. Great car, no
problems except there was no owners manual.
I went back to Arnold and asked for a manual and was told there is a Ford dealer
down the road they will sell you one.
After explaining that they had sold me the car and I was legally entitled to
have a manual supplied they removed a manual from another car and gave it to me.
Their attitude stinks and no doubt some poor sucker got a Focus without a
manual. 24.5.2003

After reading the horror stories on your web page I'm totally paranoid to hand in my cupra for the 10 k checkup. Need to get an appointment first, the car was leased from AC but they apparently don't operate the dealership of SEAT, hope that's a good sign ! 24.5.2003

I have just discovered your site and can only give it my full praise. I only wish
more could be done to make more people realise that his cars are all basically
scrap. What i don't understand is how the staff are the same as the "boss". Once
they get the sale they are no longer interested and you become this kind of
invisible person when looking for help with your complaints . P.S never get your
car serviced by them as they clearly charge you for things that don't need done .
Kind regards† 24.5.2003

we purchased a VW golf 1.6se from Machargs Rennie and Lindsey, which is an Arnold
Clark subsidiary company. we had the car less than a week when we noticed brake
shudder and steering problems, also the car was not running properly due to the
ECU being faulty.
the car was taken in and the report came back with NO FAULT FOUND. we persisted
until they suggested they send it up to their VW garage in the crow road (Arnold
Clark dealership). replaced brake pads on front still no further forward with the
loss of power and still the vague steering.
to cut a very long story short, after having completed around 2000 miles in six
months and nine visits to both garages we got to test drive a number of courtesy
cars when we received the car back full of promise that they had fixed the
problems including a new ECU, they had damaged the bodywork of the car and
denied it, by the way, the other problems had not been rectified. It took my wife
to have† a nervous breakdown in the managers office for them to take the car
away and give us a replacement. Moral of the story is he screws you under a
different name 24.5.2003

I recently went into Arnold Clark Warrington on 14th May. I recently worked for
a company that Arnold Clark had bought out( but I decided to leave and work for
my English peers). I went into the dealership to see about buying a new Clio for
my girlfriend, it just so happened that a couple of my ex workmates were still
there at the time. After looking around and speaking to some ex-workmates about
buying a Clio, the Sales Manager who's name was Paul Brown came over and
said' Excuse me but don't you work for the company that we bought out? I said yes,
He then said why don't you get you're SCOUSE arse out of this showroom and never
show your face around here again! I do believe that this way of treating people
will never win sales and with them moving to a new site @ Gemini Retail Park in
Warrington anyone should never buy cars of them. After being asked to leave I
said that I was here to buy a car for my girlfriend the Sales Manager' Paul
Brown' turned round and said I don't know!
why Mr Clark even thought about buying a site in Merseyside as they are all
thieving scum'. With that saying I walked out and bought a car from Renault
Liverpool. I feel that if this is the way that people are treated then especially
the small Scottish twat who bears a resemblance to Yoda of Star Wars should get
a life and start treating people with respect. As far as I am concerned the Small
Scottish Twat should be Condemned as a national health hazard. 25.5.2003

I know exactly what you mean about Arnold Clarks. That's why I buy my
Nissan's from Weir Nissan at London Road in Glasgow. Arnold Clark should be
wondering how they can piss customers off so badly that they buy cars in
Glasgow or parts in Dunfermline. Clarks will never get any of my cash, never
had anything but bad service from them.26.5.2003

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